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VectorWorks 2008 SP2 R3 available


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A new build of VectorWorks 2008 Service Pack 2 has been posted.

We recommend you use the "Check for Updates" button in the "About VectorWorks" dialog to get complete information about the release.

If you are using an older version of VW 2008 without the "Check for Updates" functionality, you can find it on the Service Pack 2 page in the downloads section of the NNA web site.

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I am one of those for whom VW2008 will not start (invalid S/N bug). Since I can't click on "check for updates" button, how do I get this update and will it fix my bug?

I have the 12/17/07 update, which does not fix the problem. Is this a different one?

Is there any way to go into the terminal mode and get around the bug?


MBPro 2.33, Leopard

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What I didn't put in the post above is that I have been fighting this problem for a month. I called tech support and spent an hour with a tech, reloading, reentering (s/n),dumping files, etc., etc. Nothing worked, including a complete clean install on two different hard drives (internal and external).

VW2008 works fine on my PowerMac G5 running Leopard.

I am lost. I have many files transfered over the VW2008 and now I can't run them in 12.5.

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Your post is dated January 08, but there are no downloads dated 2008 available....?

No wonder we're all confused.

I can see the problem. 2008 was not ready for release. It is merely a beta version. A series of upgrades called 2008.1 then 2008.1.2 etc in a short time would have been harmful to the reputation. Calling them service packs might make it less obvious to some, but in the end it will do even more harm. Calling any of them SP2 revision 3 - and specifying build numbers - that is too much!

As a client of NNA I expect trustworthy information about the product I buy and also swift and correct response on simple questions concerning it. - and I'm sure not alone.

So why all this confusion? Give all these people what they have paid for - a functional VW with a comprehensive download support. -please!

Sorry to be tough on you, you're not personally responsible, I know. But NNA really needs a SP......Don't be ashamed - be proud of improvements.

...ain't that right Petri?

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Still no response from NNA on this.

They must be as confused as us!

So I will ask the questions again:

In 'about vectorworks' should it not say SP2 R3 if you are fully up to date?

If not why not?

Does the current SP2 contain R1, 2 and 3 but it just does not say this?

If you check for updates and it says you are fully up to date and no further updates available then does that answer our questions and SP 2 contained R1, R2 and R3?

But it also says build 83388 - what does that mean?

Sorry to keep pestering on this, but whilst its good having updates / corrections to iron out the bugs, it has to be clear what update you have.

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