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Duplicate on top of same objects



We have recently just had a large problem in our office, when objects in a floor plan were duplicated several times (usually unknowingly) over each other, requiring us to go through the whole floor and delete every wall, symbol, text object etc. which is on top of another.

This problem actually occurs previously often, but this is the first time it has happened to us on a large scale.

Our duplication is set to not offset, so that we can transfer like walls and other objects between floors, which is a convenient and quick process. When the problem occurs, it usually is quite a while before someone realises (after a few saves).

A way to delete or 'purge' duplicate objects, which have identical type and positional data, automatically from a selection, would be a good solution.

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DWorks -

We try not to use the option key (we have macs) but the copy paste method does not seem to work, as when pasting the objects are pasted in a strange location.

Mike -

Thanks for the link it looks great - but their demo vid for it seems to be have a link broken? Also - I need more information which they don't seem to provide... for instance does this tool only apply to a current layer, selected objects or a whole document? It needs to be essential if we can control it in this manner, because we do have a lot of 'duplicate objects', just in different layers.

I have seen some other tools there which look good - will definitely try some of them out.

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DWorks suggested that you do a Paste in Place. This will put the objects in the same location on the new layer as they were in on the source layer (assuming that the layers have the same origin. The layer scale does not seem to matter).

If you do a paste, the object will be pasted at a somewhat random location near the center of the current view. With Paste in Place it will be pasted at the same X/Y coordinates as on the original source layer.

Paste in Place is in the Edit menu of the NNA supplied workspaces. The default shortcut is Option-Command-V on Mac and Ctrl-Alt-V on Windows.


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The problem patrickhubble is decribing has happened in my office BUT I don't think it is merely an accidental duplication.

We have had everything on a layer (VW 12.5.3) duplicate itself in two different project files on two different computers in the past week. Each time the "offset duplication" preference was checked.

The problem gets discovered when you delete an object and it does not disappear because an identical copy existed directly behind it.

If this was an accidental duplication - that is to say: if someone accidentally hit the "select all" keys then accidentally hit the "duplicate" keys - the objects would not have been stacked directly as the "offset duplicate" preference was selected.

I spoke to tech support about the matter but they are unfamiliar with it. I am going to submit it as a bug. I agree that some sort of purge or ability to select duplicates would be useful but I am more concerned that the problem is going to continue - it is a HUUUUGE time waster.

I am unfamiliar with the "VectorBits" approach mike m oz suggested. Can anyone elaborate on what that is? Any thoughts?

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