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VW12.5.3 Insufficient Memory to export to DWG



Since IT upgraded the VW version from 12.5.2 to 12.5.3 I can no longer export dwg files. THe application informes me I have "Insufficient Memory: At least 458800K of additional memory must be available to initialize export. Actual ....." The amount of K varies but the file may only have a single line it and it will still not export to DWG. What did IT miss?

XP Pro x64 Edition V2003 SP 2

HP xw8400 Workstation, Intel Xeon (what ever that is)

5150 @ 2.66GHz, 4.00 GB RAM


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As I posted in an earlier topic regarding my import problem....

'I recently upgraded my PC to a newer heavier duty system. I have VW 12.5 installed on Windows Vista AMD 64 X2 5000 system with 4gb ram. I've run the 12.5 update on my original VW 12.1, which would not run at all on this system. I was happy to see that 12.5 fixed that problem, at least I could open drawings etc. Unfortunately I need to open a DWG file, which when I try importing I get a message that 'I have insufficient memory. At least 25893k must be available to import this file', ..the file is around 600k !!!!!!!!!! ????

Is this a setting error somewhere, or am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

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This is one of the known issues with VW 12 and 4GB of RAM. In the interim, removing RAM above 2GB will resolve the issue. Alternatively, VW 2008 SP 2 resolves this issue.

This is not true as I have also had this problem and never had more than 2GB RAM. It was suggested I get more RAM.

Running VW 12.5.2 with Renderworks on below listed system.

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