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viewport to apply on multiple layers


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Well, that is the easy way.

Copy, apple arrow to next sheet, paste in place, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Or create one sheet complete, then duplicate the sheet, which will copy all the sheet a number of times.

If all the viewports are truely the same you could create one sheet then use a class for each of the titleblocks

It all depends what you want to achieve your first method is going to give you the most flexibility in the long run making it easy to add layers to each veiwport for the unique parts of each.

what you need to ask is, if it doesn't vary why show the same thing more than once?

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In fact it's very simple. What I want to do is to show each floor (the whole) on a different sheet, but I want to make sure the crop is positionned the same way and has the same shape on all sheets.

The simplest way would be to duplicate the 1st floor sheet, rename it "2nd floor" and then change the origine from being the 1st floor design layer to beeing the 2nd floor design layer.

This could also be useful for e.g. a toilet group that changes a little bit the higher up in the building it is. You'd easily get a new view for each floor.

Basically what I want is a viewport that can be duplicated and used as a template view. You can move it around on your plan or even move it from layer to layer.

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You basically have what you want now.

If you duplicate a Sheet Layer with Viewports on it, all of the viewports are duplicated.

If you copy a Viewport and Paste it on a different sheet layer, then you get all the annotation and crop come along.

If you want to adjust the layers and classes that are visible in different viewports, you can do this quite easily from the Organization Palette. Select the Viewports tab and then click the Visibilites button. Select the viewport in the left column and you can change the classes and layers that are visible in the right columns


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I was stuck in the wrong way of thinking. I never realized it was all there....embarassing!

I even changed layer visibilities in the VP to show ceilings, furniture etc without realizing that I can change the plan layer as well.

...stupid me!

Thank you both for helping!

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