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We are set to invest some time into the Notes Manager. Looks like the way to go (please let me know of any pitfalls or shortcomings). We use numbers for our keynotes and we use letters to list our general notes.

I can not figure out how to make the general notes list with letters, it insists on listing by number (which can be confusing with both keynotes and general notes on a single sheet). Please clue me in.

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I just got off the phone with Tech Support and it appears that the General Note tool does not allow one to specify how the notes are listed. In our case we need them to be listed with letters as our key notes are numbered and both sets of notes may appear on the same printed sheet. Two sets of numbered notes would certainly lead to a big liability.

There is very little chatter about the Notes Database tools that come with Architect. It appears to be a great tool and I would certainly like to start a dialogue. Is there any limitations or issues I should be aware of?

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