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Any feature in VW architect that I've missed similar to pack 'n go in Autocad?


It would quickly "bind" all the workgroup ref's into a package to allow you to quickly take a file with you if you leave the folder structure (for instance, want to work on it on a laptop). I know all about manually doing this, just wondering if there's an auto routine.



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When you create the references ( or go back and edit them) make sure that you have the "save referenced cache to disk" option selected. This brings in a copy of the data into the current file. If the original file can't be found to update the reference it uses the version in the cache.

And this way you don't have to break the references. When you get back to the office (and put the file back in the right place) it will automatically update the references again.

The downside is that your file size will be substantially larger due to the cached data.

I don't know if there is a way to use VectorScript to turn this setting on and off.


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