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Titleblocks, workgroup references, and scale


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In my office, the practice until now has been to use workgroup references to bring titleblock information into our drawings. Typically, the layers in the titleblock have been scaled 1:1 so they accurately coordinate with the final printed sheet size. The obvious drawbacks to this approach are the appearance of the extraneous "locked" layers that clutter up the organization palette and the problems with coordinating the titleblock information w/ the page location, origin (in both the working file and the reference file), the drawing itself, and the sheet layer consistently.

With the new VW2008 design layer approach to workgroup references, the 1:1 scale approach doesn't seem to work because my design layers are typically at 1:96 or a similar architectural scale. When I import the workgroup referenced Titleblock, the design layer viewport with the titleblock is very small with the lineweights and text illegible. Obviously, this doesn't seem like an efficient way to get my titleblock into my drawing. I suppose I could change the scale of the titleblock reference file to the scale of the current drawing, but that might necessitate titleblock reference files at multiple scales, no?

What are the preferred, recommended approaches for dealing with titleblock information in VW2008?

I think the ideal result would include the ability to set up a single basic title block file at 1:1 scale for a specifically sized sheet (a template?); the ability to edit basic information in that file that will remain consistent throughout a drawing set (project title, date, revisions, "not for construction," etc.) but occasionally needs to be updated (say, to add an architect's signature for a permit set or change the date); and some reasonably straightforward way to add and edit information unique to each sheet but with consistent formating from sheet to sheet.

It seems that with the addition of design layer viewports and the existing VW tools (symbols, templates, sheet layers, viewports, etc.) there must be some simple way to do this that I just haven't figured out.

Any advice or ideas on the simplest, most efficient approach would be greatly appreciated.




OS X 10.4.11

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Your title block should be a symbol in a resource file. Being a symbol, you can reference and place it where you want. With this method you don't have to reference in an entire layer.

Also, if the title block needs to be consistent to an extent, you can use "record formats". There is a great example in the VW2008 user manual called "Creating a Custom Title Block".

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