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Export to strata Studio Pro

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Hi Fonseca,

I have had reasonable results with DXF; if you are having trouble, you can send me the file and I will try to see what happens.



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This topic interests me as well since I have not gotten to use either new version of either software yet together but have been deep into the manuals till I do wonder the same questions. Also I realize that the best default to export/import in a general sence is a .dxf model format however can anyone please define what type of file the "Import MiniCAD" really implies in the StrataStudioPro application?

.DXF is self explainatory but what type of MiniCAD file format are they referring to? A MiniCAD/VectorWorks file format? Or does it give you a number of choices with a dialog box or something like that? I asked a SSP Rep if they were going to include the "Import MiniCAD" option again in the newest release of SSP v3.0 and he told me that he wasn't certain since he personally hadn't taken that into account. I have since read in the v3.0 Ref. manual that it is indeed still supported and I will confer with them as well to what my options are when importing an MinCAD file. I have found that "Lights" and "Textures" ect.. import into other 3D software programs better as a, .3DMF since you have a some choice in the colors and other attributes saved in the file to be imported.

If you or anyone has some real insite on this topic please post it or e-mail me as I would greatly appreciate it a lot. Learning as much as I can regarding either cool program are my objective till I can really install both of them once my G3 is out of the shop.


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Export Simple Vectroscript works best. You have to add the command to your workspace via the Workspace editor. I have found this better than DXF the few times I tried it. HTH




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