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Animation of drainage around a house

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I want to do a QT movie showing storm drainage around a house. Are any of you familiar with software that I can use with VW or stand alone that will let me animate something looking like water flowing around a 3D final render image? What I want is something like you see on the Discovery Channel that makes the complex simple and easy to understand.


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AnimationWorks might do what you want. If not, you will proabbaly need to go to something like Cinema 4D and do the rendering in that.

AnimationWorks is a VectorWorks plug-in produced by Julian Carr, the Australian distributor of VW. It is available at http://www.ozcad.com.au/otherproducts/vwaddonsAW.html

Check out the demo movies for Waterfall and Air Flow (second and third on the left hand side.


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