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Instrumet Insertion Error Problems in 2008 SP2

David Flad

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I've been working in a 2008 drawing all morning and now i can no longer insert lighting instruments.. i now get the following error:

the selected object is not a 2D symbol.

i can duplicate a fixture already existing in the drawing, and then active another symbol in my resource browser.. then change the fixture in the drawing with the REPLACE WITH ACTIVE SYMBOL command... but i can't directly insert a new symbol...

i've tried restarting, tried using a previous drawing, tried a new drawing, tried a blank document, tried using symbols included with 2008... all with the same error. I can export the drawing to 12.5 and everything works just fine.

i've been working in 2008 all day and its been fine (slow as mud, but fine).. now this..

any ideas?? let me know.


Macbook Pro OSX 10.4.11

Intel Duo 2.16GHz 1GB ram

Vectorworks 2008 SP2

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I had this problem a couple of weeks ago.

Select your regular 2-D insertion tool (the basic tool rather than the spotlight fixture insertion) and make sure it's set to "Standard Insertion Mode" rather than "Symbol Pick up Mode" in the options at the top left of your screen.

When I had the problem, the mode had spontaneously switched to "pick up" for an unknown reason, resulting in the same error message that you're getting. It took me a while to figure it out, but after I switched the 2-D insertion mode back to normal, I could place fixtures with no issue.

Hope this helps.

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