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It would be helpful if one could make a hole in a wall which did not have edges on both sides

This is not w reference to corner windows but stacking different walls on same layer

I raise this knowing the corner window discussion has been had many times. I think making an opening - a genuine hole - wh one could fill w another wall (a mixture of walls) wld darned helpful

I'm modelling a wall w a clerestorey window. Below that window, a small flat roof abuts the wall. Below that abutment is a different kind of wall. I'd like to annihilate the wall in which the clerestorey is set below the abutment w the flat roof and fill it w another kind of wall - one which is internal on both sides.

To be frank, this kind of puzzle really slows me down and kinda gets me over-involved in designing for VW albeit obliquely. This is exactly when VW inhibits design for me. It lacks flexibility.


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If you include Loci in your symbols they will define the cut opening of the symbol.

2D loci on will define the Plan opening.

3D at two oppersite corners will define the model opening

all should be on the @Y=0,

You can then have the small walls and indeed the roof that relates to each of the clerestorey with in the symbol as well, knowing that the loci define the holes.

These loci are useful for many things.

Symbols for sliding doors, garage doors.

or even framing holes in walls for built-in toilet cisterns.

Hope that helps


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I've played around a bit w symbols to check out use of loci to create openings in 2 and 3d

The 2d part seems to work. Create a symbol formed of just 2d loci, separated by a distance of x, then place this symbol in a wall, and you get a gap in plan view of the wall of x.

The 3d part doesn't seem to work. Add 3d loci to the 2d symbol, and locate them how you will, does not seem to generate a 3d opening to match.

I think what u'r suggesting is making a symbol incorporating the 3d assembly which I want to place, and placing it so its edges are right up against the edge of the receiving wall. In essence, the placed symbol's edge or edges would be come the edge of the wall.

That I can grasp; and mucking about w 3d symbol placement shows me I can place them so their edges are aligned 'exactly' w one of the edges of a free-standing, staight wall. The corner of the symbol, in this instance, more or less replaces the wall edge. The replacement isn't perfectly rendered in 3d, but it'll do for me for modelling porpoises.

Let me know any other finesses which you may have up your sleeve.



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When you create the symbol, you can edit the 2D & 3D portions. As you've seen, adding 2 loci will define the width of the wall opening in Top/Plan view. To get an opening in the 3D view of the wall, you need to add add loci to the 3D front view of the symbol. Select symbol in Resource Browser, edit 3D Component. Display front view. Add 2D loci to define the corners of the opening. You can add as many loci as you want to define an irregular opening, but no inside corners -only outside corners.


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i think it's true that the inserted symbol can only form the end or edge of a wall convincingly if it's actually as thick or thicker than the wall it's in

where the wall is thicker than the inserted symbol, and the symbol is right up against the edge of the wall, there's paper thin residue of the wall.

perhaps I can beat this by creating a symbol which is actually thicker but partially invisible.


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Wall peaks are your friend. Remember that "Wall Peaks" can be used on the bottom of walls also.

Use the 3D reshape tool to add two additional wall peaks. One at the bottom of the wall where the opening starts and one vertically above that at the height of the opening.

Then use the Move Peaks mode to pull up the end of the wall.

You can get exactly what you want.


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