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Issue manager, revisions and titleblocks

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Got our custom Title Block sorted and links with a Record.

Trying to get the full benefits od Issue Manager and work with our TB, etc.

Firstly, the Revision Block is BIG, especially on our A3 sheets, and there appears to be little one can do about size. We have tried changing the H and W but width is pretty can not go smaller than 100 and height does not seem to work. This makes the RB very BIG on our sheets - any sugestions?

Secondly, when using IM the Project Data and Sheet Data work fine with our custom TB but the Issue Date does not show on any of the sheets? We have tried clicking the relevant boxes and no change. Should we have added Issue No. Date and note to our TB? Can the IM be used as and Issue Sheet, perhaps converted to a worksheet, and printed out as a record of drawing issues?

That's it for now.

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I use IM. I don't why you're having the probs described. I found following the manual worked for me.

IM does not make it easy to print out an issue. So far as I have been able to tell, you have to use IM via the file menu rather than the IP, to cause IM to create the record info which could be used to create a report of an issue.

There was a long too-and-fro a month or so ago about IM and its shortcomings. Netmetschek do not accept that there are shortcomings w IM. For me, the chief one is that you cannot print out a list of all drawings issued from a project file. Well, there's no easy way, so far as I can tell.

Netmetschek's line on the matter may be linked to their awareness of workflow. IM, as implemented, is fool-proof, more or less. A fuller capability might make it much less easy to use.

Generally, IM is helpful because it makes the discipline of record keeping easier.

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I just built a custom title block and all of the project (P_) and sheet (S_) fields work fine... but the IM fields (:iNo, :iDate, etc) tie to a "General" tab in the Edit Title Block dialog box (along side the project and sheet tabs in the same dialog box) instead of tying to the Issue Manager. Any ideas? Do I tie the IM fields to their respective text "boxes" in the same manner as the P_ and S_ fields? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I've answered my own question and learned a few things along the way:

1) The Issue Manager text fields are NOT linked to the record with the project (P_) and sheet (S_) text fields. In other words, do not replicate the online manual instructions of selecting a text string intended to be manipulated with the IM and linking it to a text record like you do with the (P_) and (S_) fields. Instead, using the text tool place a text "box" in the custom title block and actually type the term ":iNote" in the text box itself. Do not attempt to link this text "box" to any record. The online instruction manual did not make this differentiation clear.

2) In building my custom title block, I grouped various items (including text fields) together for easy re-arrangement while designing the custom title block. The text fields linked to either a text record or to the Issue Manager failed when nested in a group. The ":iNote" field worked when grouped but the text typed in the IM laid right over the top of the text ":iNote" - so it looked like I had two text "boxes" with no fill on top of each other. I ungrouped everything and the links worked fine.

3) When building a custom title block, make sure that all text fields are EXACTLY the way you want them to look BEFORE linking them to a text record. After they are linked, any change to the text formatting (bold, etc.) does not seem to take effect in the title block symbol. To make changes to the text formatting after the text field had been linked, I had to completely delete the text "box" in question, recreate it with the revised formatting, and then re-link it to the text record.

Lessons learned.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Select the text object that creates your revision notes within the title block symbol, altering the vertical alignment value (top or bottom, I forget which does which) I believe will change the direction the new items are created in.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Attached file where I have it configured to go upwards, I think it does downward by default in this title block. The :rNote and :rDate items in the title block source symbol are what you need to change. The spacing is controlled similarly by the "Spacing" field on the same two text objects, single, 1.5 or double are the defaults but i think you can set any value you like with Set Spacing.

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I am not using :rnote, only :rDate, :rNo, and :rAppr. I compared setting from yours to mine and they are the same per field entry. I did find on yours that :rnote takes priority over :rNo in terms of formatting.

Update: Is :rnote required? When I used 'Bottom they all go over top of each other in the center of my page.

Another Update: :rNo is causing the freak out for all values with :r revision data


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