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Door Handing



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I agree, but it is trickier than it seems.

A Left Hand swing is the same as a Right Hand Return swing when entering the room from the other side. To have this work properly, there needs to be a way to indicate which side is 'outside' and which is 'inside'. The LH, RH, LHR, RHR indication is often used to specify which side needs to get the lock in situations where it is not obvious.

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Yes - the trick will be getting VW to automatically understand what the hallway side is.

With exterior wall tpyes you could teach VW how to handle this, but it would get confusing on the interior - and would probably be best to set manually.


What if you are going from your bedroom to the kitchen?

Agreed. Maybe the 'Space' Tool could be improved to help with automatic door numbering and door handing.

Door from bedroom to kitchen: Personally, I've never seen a lock on a door to the kitchen, only on a door to a bedroom. So- I would have the outside of the door / keyed on the side going from Kitchen ---> Bedroom.

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