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cut, copy, paste, paste in place

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Your Origion is most likely not the same in both files. It is important to know that when you move the printable area it completely screws up your ability to past in place. There has been lots of discussion about this in the forum but I have never seen a formal response from anyone at nemetschek. Its a real pain in the ass.

What you have to do is set your origion in the same location in both files and then never move your printable area. If you do there is no way to put it back in precisely the same place. (except revert to saved if you havent saved the file since you moved the printable area)

To see where your origion is, turn on your rulers in your VW preferences and find 0,0. Or create a line with the end point of 0,0. Either way works fine

Good Luck

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In my case I'm trying to paste in place my sheet border and title box. My master sheet is set by the printable area of the plotter and I copy and paste from "sheet" view to a similar file in sheet view with the same printable area set. This always worked in MC7 now...not. A straight "paste" works but I have to manualy adjust the border position.

Paste-in-place places the border off the printable area (outline rectangle). Both files have the same orgin.

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I have noticed that my paste-in-place does not seem to work as it did in MC7, especially if pasting from another file. When I, for instance paste a title border from one file to another (same scale, layer, etc.)VW pastes the border in left field and it is not visible unless "zoom to objects" is selected.

A straight "paste" works fine. Can anyone comment?


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VW7 placed a pasted object in the centre of the screen. VW8 puts a pasted object on the location of your last mouse click, IMO it?s just lame.

I also agree completely with MikeB on the problems with the position of the origin, coordinates would be a better reference than the paper.

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