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.mcd Between Mac & PC?

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Hi everyone!

I have a question about the .mcd file type. I created a file on my mac (it's new, and I've had no issues) in VW 12 (student ed). It was then edited on a PC (Vista). Now I have my USB drive plugged in again, and while the name still shows the extension as .mcd, the file can not open in VectorWorks for some unknown reason. The icon is a grey rectangle with lime green text reading "exec" in the upper left corner. Is there any way to make this file open and editable in VectorWorks on my mac?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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We run into this often enough. We work in a mixed OS office, mostly macs a couple PC's. It comes down to how the OS's identify what program to open the file with when you double click it. A work around is to open the file from within Vectorworks.

A PC uses the file extension to identify which program to open it with.

A mac uses a code inside the file which tells the OS which pogram to use.

When a file is transferred to a PC file system, that special code is stripped away, and the mac doesn't know what program to open it with, and figures it is some system file.

A Mac can also use the file extension to decide - if that mac code isn't there. For vectorworks, that doesn't work, however. My mac gurus tell me that this is by fault of vectorworks not having the proper coding...

You can find free programs to put the right mac codes back into the file if you do some web searching.

This can also happen when emailing files because the file goes across PC based systems.

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