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Seat-cut height


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I'm trying to put together a roof using the Roof Face command. So far so good but I can't figure out how to position the rafter on the top of the wall. If I have a 12 inch thick rafter, a 6 inch thick wall and the pitch is 12 (an easy example). How do I position the roof face using the roof face command so that it sits correctly on the top plate?



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Mark, You can't set your roof face height from the dialog so your next best option is to set your layer height before you draw the face. Use an elevation view to measure the vertical distance from the inside top edge of the wall to the bottom of your rafter. You will have to link your wall and roof layers to do this (if your roof and walls are set up in different layers). Take that distance away from the combined height of the "z" and delta "z" in your wall layer. Set up your roof layer with the result of that calculation as your "z" height. All the roof elements drawn in that layer will have the same bird mouth height so they should all be the same pitch. If you prefer you could just nudge or move the roof face in it's current layer while viewing it in an elevation view. Don't give up. Wes

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Wouldn't the top inside edge of the wall and the bottom of the rafter (if it was correctly positioned) be the same?

Are you saying to make the roof face, view the difference of the inside edge of the wall and bottom of the rafter, make the calculation, go back to the roof face command and then modify the z?


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