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VW not very accurate

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Have you noticed when drawing 2D rectangles that when you change the size that the rectangle moves by 0.3mm?

Say you had a rectangle 600mm by 300mm and you change it to 300mm by 150mm you would expect the expect the change would be one direction. This is what we had be assuming. Then our dimensions where not right, ie 900.7mm etc. Now this may not be important to some but as architects it is very important to us. This came to light when adding co ordinating dimensions and 1:5 scale details.

Are we doing someting wrong or is it just that VW is not that accurate?

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What exactly do you mean by "change the size?" How are you making that change?

VW is very precise, but there are ways of working that don't take advantage of it. For example, drawing or drag-stretching by watching the data bar numbers till the right one appears sometimes produces sizes slightly different than what you think you're getting. The numbers generated by the data bar are an approximation of the cursor location, affected by your Units settings, snap grid settings, and constraints settings.

But any numbers you type in the data bar are treated as precise, not approximations. If you type 300 and 150 in the data bar while dragging, or in the OIP, or use a 0.5 factor in the Scale Objects tool, you should get a rectangle that's 300.000000000 x 150.000000000.

Sizes of objects always have a very high precision, not affected by the Units settings. That only affects display. And the snap grid setting only sets the interval to snap to. If you snap to 300.004, or if you type 299.999998, that's the exact size the object will always be, though in both cases it will display as 300.00 whenever Units is set to 2 decimal places.

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Another place to check, though it probably isn't the issue is Units.

I had an instance with a civil drawing I was working with, where I had set the units to a grosser value than it had been created at to ease work in a specific instance. I found that even though I was changing only a single value of the info palette (Z) VW was rounding the X&Y values upon acceptance of the new Z value.

My thought for your situation is that someone created the drawing accurate to the .0001 or similar and then someone is working on it at .01 for example.

again, this is probably not the problem, but worth considering only because it is a very simple check.



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I don't use Constrain-to-Grid, but I tried it one time and it seemed pretty easy and foolproof as long as it was the only constraint turned on, and as long as Units was set to the same number of decimal places as the snap grid. In fact, with those settings, I think it would be easy to draw without typing in any numbers, just dragging and then clicking when the right numbers appear.

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I have the same problem with my version of 2008. I have recently upgraded from 12.5 (and this problem didn't exist in 12.5). In my case, if I try to change the size of a rectangle with any vertex constrained, after the change in size the rectangle moves out of position by a small amount. Very frustrating. I constantly have to re-place items after I change their size. I think it's a bug in 2008. I'm using a macbook pro w/ 10.5 installed.

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Not sure. The problem started when I had tiger, and still continued with leopard. Funny thing is that it is not consistent. Things don't always move out of position, but often. Actually, while I was writing this I tried to do it again but it seems to be fine. (I just installed SP2, and maybe it was fixed with the update). I'll post again if it continues.

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If the problem does occur again try and repeat it. If you can consistantly demonstrate the problem bug report it to NNA with the file. Perhaps use a screen capture program like iShowU or SnapzPro to show it happening as well. When a problem is intermittent or restricted to just a few users deducing what the cause of the problem is without examples would be nigh on impossible.

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I have not been able to create the problem in a new file, but it happens in all our existing files and templates since we upgraded to 2008.

'change the size' means changing the width and height dims in the Object Info, which is correct and accurate and the rectangle is precise. We work very accuratly and do not use the date size bar, snap to grid, etc.

Our units are mm and set at 1 precision and so that is pretty precise and 0.1 mm dims shouild not be cominng up at all.

We do have snap to loci on but tried it on and off and still the problem occurs.

We are pc based and do not have leopard or tiger.

We have tried again and again and the problem still occurs, but I think the problem only occurs in the annotations of vps.

We are on SP1 and SP2 seems to be creating more problems than solving and so we are not going to SP2 yet.

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mjw, I tried it in a viewport and still did not get the behaviour you are describing. Are you saying the problem only occurs in files converted from earlier versions. If that is so I wonder whether the problem is to do with 'old rectangles' converted into the 'new rectangles'.


I just created a drawing in VW 12.5 with rectangles on the design layer and rectangles in the annotations. When opened in VW 2008 both sets of rectangles resize correctly without the problem you are seeing.

Are you able to be more specific about the original version of the drawings you are seeing this in? Also if you have a drawing it occurs in bug submit it. Then NNA might have half a chance of discovering what causes it and be able to fix it.

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Thank you for your replies.

We are going to spend some more time trying to be more specific and perhaps submit it to bug submit but it is happening on a large number of files and so it is not just one file that is corrupted and I am sure it did not happen until we upgraded to 2008. Also, Ride reported a similar problem and so its not just us. However, we are setting up a new template. Just trying to sort out the new border / titleblock template [in another thread] and we will be there with the new template.

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You are correct - VW 13 (2008) is very inaccurate, making a "precision" CAD a joke.

The 3D with a few subtractions have the problem that the Smart Cues stops working, and when something does work to produce accurate and precise drawings and you attach a rectangle to a Cue Smartpoint and it get changed via the OIP then it jumps of it's locked position. Tech knows about it, Katie knows about it and just tonight I sent them both a small little dwg that demonstrates the 3D snaps problem again. Was reported in November 2007 already and Tech said it will be given to the "Engineers" - still waiting and will probably wait till the release of V14.

But you are not allowed to get frustrated or get the hell in if you spend hours trying to catch that SmartCue TM point that are bragged about - No SIR - not allowed. On the one side I can understand - Katie have to defend an one big disaster and the users that get frustrated because nothing actually improves with the SP's. Even the bolts & nuts that still falls flat together with the Parabloids that jumps to their own discretion on any angle is still with us. Goodness gracious - cut the ad department and get some more "engineers" to solve problems.

VW is for me currently more of a has been on a high point with V12 down to the hillbilly program with VW 13 and it is the Advertisement Department's job to keep it running, than it is actually running.

Notice the Board - VW gets this award and that award - do not know who the non user people are that gives those awards for those probably out of VW 13 terrain made beautifull pic's but we the users waste our arses off just to get VW 13 working and keeping it afloat. It is what the users can put out flawless and fast without losing production with good acceptable standard tools that are brilliant missing in VW that brings in the money to buy newer versions - take note.

And VW is more or less a greater waste than asset nowadays.

And BTW - forget about the Wish List tacky - it is more of an eye blind than anything else - if a full house list can be produced of that wishlist then I do not think that even 0.001% was ever included - a Waste of time. And when an item gets listed it is with big fanfare said - WOW - Great!

VW is anyway so far behind with standard acceptable tools and everyday to use tools in a CAD package that I wonder if they ever will be able to get a somewhere in the near future.

Will only for once submit a wishlist for the record - but it will be likely as previous - a waste.

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