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Arrowheads keep changing to 0?, 0"

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For quite some time I have been encountering a problem where my selected arrowhead style keeps changing from my chosen Attribute Default (7?, 0.15") to a "Custom" style of 0?, 0" (invisible).

When I draw a line with an arrowhead, I then have to click on that tiny little drop-down menu in the Attributes Palette to change it from "Custom" back to my default style.

Every time I change my style back to the default by deselecting everything, then changing the arrowhead style through the Attribute Palette, a few minutes later it changes back to "Custom" 0?, 0".

This was a problem I was having in Vectorworks 12, and it has carried over onto my new computer and upgrade to 2008.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


MacOS 10.4.11

Vectorworks Spotlight 2008 SP2

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I posted on this topic a few weeks ago too. I have found, though not with any consistency, that if you choose a different arrow type than the one you want, that type will have the paramaters you selected (no longer 0,0) and then selecting the type you want will now have those parameters.

Not a particularily efficient sequence to be sure but a go-around.

I will wait with you for a better explanation.


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