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Catering adn theme events templates/custom toolbars?

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Does anyone ever use this program for designing catering events and theme parties? If so, are there custom toolbars and templates designed for this or does anyone have suggestions on how to build one? I am looking for toolbars that have all of the tables(sizes, shapes), chairs, stations, serving elements, decor, tents, scullery/kitchen area equipment etc. I am trying to determine if this program is the right one to design these kinds of floor plans with supporting equipment lists.

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Although, I personally do not use the program for this, I do know there are other users who use it for event coordination. There is no tool bar, per se, but you can create your own symbols for the various fixtures, furniture, & equipment, attach records to each and keep this in a template for easy retrieval. You can also set up a worksheet so quantities are easily tabulated. There is some setup up time initially, but this is also a good way to learn the program, & once set up, it is smooth sailing.


Janis Kent, AIA

author WorksTutorial & WorksManual

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