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VW 2008 Tiger or Leopard

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first happy new and a good 2008, XRONIA POLLA

we got(last week) a new mac pro in our office with vw 2008 and tiger(macos 10.4.11)

our dealer told us vw2008 would run much more stable on 10.4 than on macos 10.5.

so my question is : would you recommend updating ? and if yes would you than reinstall vw2008 ? any suggestions ?


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I actually found 10.4.11 less stable than 10.4.10 and if your new machine came preinstalled that way you're stuck without a way to downgrade. I have 10.5.1 on both my MBP and MP and overall it is a much better computing experience in general and I think that alone is enough to upgrade. Personally I haven't had any problems with instability with VW more than any other program. Beware of Spaces for now.

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Thats a question that will yield different answers from different people. I don't think it would make a difference for VectorWorks. If it is a new computer (they delivered it with Tiger installed?) then I'd go for the upgrade&install if you have already installed a bunch of programs on it (or have set up several users already), otherwise I'd do a clean install. Al always, back up your critical stuff first!



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Given some fundamental changes in the macOS, I'd recommend a clean install.

Along with it, I took the opportunity to do some cleaning up and get rid of some small applications that were no longer of use. Installs, Preferences, Cache files etc. are now all fresh and clean. IMHO it was very much worth the time invested.

We've done the Archive and Install on several other macs in the office - some went OK, but others had serious issues with the Home folder turning into a regular folder. After this problem (known by Apple and documented in their forums) we followed their repair procedures but didn't succeed - meaning we had to go for a Clean Install anyway.

About a backup of your personal files : of course we all have that :-P

Best of luck.

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Leopard is definitely worth it - even if just for the Quick Look plug-in.

I did a standard upgrade install, made a Time Machine backup of all my stuff, then did an erase and install. There are some basic permissions changes from Tiger to Leopard (default user group id has changed to "staff", etc.) that can create problems with legacy Tiger files in Leopard.

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