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strange file "VW debug output.txt" appearing at root

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So I have been working on VW2008 for Mac SP2 (82099) for a couple of weeks now and noticed some odd behavior. Every time I launch the application on either my Mac Pro or Mac Book Pro a file called "VW debug output.txt" is created at the root level of my startup disk. The file is basically blank except for the message "gList is valid!". While this doesn't seem to do any damage it's irritating to have to constantly police the root directory to clean up this file.

Is anyone seeing this behavior? Does anyone know the cause?

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Are you sure it is created on launch? VW debug output.txt is normally created when you are working in Vectorscript and turn debug mode on in a Plug-in object. It seems more likely that there is a tool or menu command that accidentally was left in debug mode.

It should not hurt anything, and the file should be overwritten every time the script/object runs. So as you said, it might be annoying, but is not anything you should worry about. If you can figure out what command is actually causing th efile to be created, you can file it to bug submit so it can be turned off.

If you are using any third party objects, you might want to check them out first.


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I just looked and I had this file in my root directory also. Mine had a lot more than "gList is valid!" in it. It looked like it was related to a DXF import or export (although I can't remember the last time I did either.) I deleted it and started VW. A new one was NOT created at start up. The last modified date on mine was the day that I updated from SP2 Build 82099 to SP2 Build 82613 - perhaps you should try updating to the latest build of SP2.

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