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can't get 3d reshape tool to work

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Hi there.

I'm trying to edit an extruded rectangle with the 3d reshape tool. I have converted it to 3d polys, and no luck, and I have tried converting it to nurbs with no luck. Whenever I click on the 3d reshape tool, I get no options in the mode bar.

Can anyone help?



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converting it to 3d polys, it makes a group. You'd first need to ungroup the polys to be able to edit the planes left behind.

You can edit a 3d polygon plane, or you can edit and extruded object.

After clicking on the 3d reshape tool, the cursor will turn into a start shaped object with a hole in the middle when you mouse over a vertex of a 3d object.

You can then move it or delete the vertex or add a vertex.

If you have a nurbs object, the 3d reshape options are extended for properties related to nurbs.

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Hi Katie.

Thanks for the reply. I'm still having problems. It's probably really simple, and staring me right in the face, but I can't see it!

I have extruded a recatangle into 3d space, and have not converted it to anything. In the OI pallette, when the object is selected, the word extrude appears. When I click the 3D reshape tool, I only get the option to move in the z axis. What I am trying to do is to clip the top edge by moving a vertex on two opposing corners so that it sits at an angle.

Have I just confused you even more?! haha!


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Here's how I solve the problem.

1. Extrude a rectangle longer than needed.

2. Draw another rectangle larger than first.

3. Turn 2nd one into surface.

4. Rotate working plane 45? about Z axis.

5. 3D Rotate 2nd rectangle 45? about i axis.

6. Set z height to desired height at center point of 1st extrude.

7. Section extrude with tilted surface.

8. Reversed section to keep bottom half.

That leaves a rectanglular extrude with a slanted top across with opposite corners high and low.

Whew, it didn't take long but there's got to be a better way.

[ 07-30-2003, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: Spencer ]

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