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Instrument refresh changes data

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So for some reason when I refresh the instruments in a particular plot it replaces all of the Instrument Type fields with "Light", and the find and replace function doesn't have any fields to select from. I can try to search for MFL PAR 64 for example in the "Instrument Type" field, or MFL PAR64 in the "Symbol Name" field, but neither of those is an option in the dropdown list. In fact, there are NO options in either of those fields, when there are in fact hundreds of instruments on the plot.

Any ideas?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It sounds like a bad imnport from LW where the Device Type field was matched to the Instrument Type Field.

Find and modify will not work because it first needs to determine that the device is a "Light", it will not populate the rest of the choices till it can determine the type of device.

If you select all of the lights you can change the Device Type back to light. If you have any accessories just make sure you don't change the device type of those.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The root of the problem may be that your Light Info record on the symbol has no entry in the Device type Field. It should be "Light"

If you look at the file on your windows machine you will see that the Device Type filed for the instrument is blank, On your Mac it will show as "Light". (At least in 2008)

In order to change it on the Mac, you have to select the instruments, change the Device Type to "Moving Light" and then change it back to "Light"

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I have been having the same problem in 12.5.3, and it all comes down to the way you input things from LW. Unfortunately, you can't save the way you import on the Mac version (its a bug) but if you go through the import fields and unlink all the nonsense, it's not a problem (just a pain).

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