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Can't see license server (VW 2008)

Jessica Hamilton



I'm having trouble getting VectorWorks 2008 to connect to the HASP LM service on our license server.

The drivers have previously been set up for VectorWorks 12, and is still working for client machines; but not for 2008.

I've checked, and disabled the firewall on the client PC with VectorWorks 2008 to no avail.

According to the documentation, the HASP driver needs to be at least version 5.19, but the drivers on the license server are only 5.18. I've tried to update the drivers using the installer on the DVD, but it doesn't seem to do anything, as the installed drivers never get updated.

In a forum post, I saw some links to getting the latest drivers from the Aladdin website, but the ftp links don't seem to work (I get a line of text along the lines of: 200 ).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Katie,

I've found the problem. I needed a nethasp.ini file configured on the client -- unfortunately, I couldn't find any reference about this in the installation material :(

It was only after being told about INI files on the client that I looked for any in the VectorWorks 12 installation, which had a nethasp.ini that fixed the network problems.

Because of our network config, the UDP broadcast was causing it to fail :(



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