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I am using 2008 on a mac. I use black background and pen weight colours. I have noticed that my cursor disappears [ can't see it ] when I select a tool or dimension an item. It works fine when I don't have black background on. It's like I'm guessing where the edge of the object is to measure. . I didn't have this problem before , must be a setting that was accidentally changed. Any tips to rectify this?



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Should I download SP1 as well. I just downloaded SP2, thinking it would cover everything. If I install Sp1 now, will it screw things up ?

Back to the problem, everything is fine, if not in black background. It just seams the curser is black on a black background. Tried using full screen cursor , drives me nuts.

Please help, thanks, Ian

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SP2 installs the updates of SP 1 along with SP 2, if not already installed. There's no need to go back and install SP 1.

Go to the VectorWorks menu and choose About VectorWorks.

What is the VectorWorks build number in parethesis after the version number?

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When you draw something, like a line or dimension, the plus sign (cursor) should turn white. The arrow turns black as it moves over the tools in the tool palette, and remains black over the drawing, but has a white outline. Are you not seeing this white outline?

Are you using an alternative cursor style other than the standard cursor settings (in the OS)?

What screen resolution setting are you using?

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1920 x 1200 , 23" cinema display + 20 " display 1680 x 1050

the cursor is black with white outline, pan is OK, BUT when I select a tool [ dimension , anything ] it is black and i can't see it [ the plus sign ] , when in white background > OK.

It's when I go to black background , the plus sign stays black.

No alternative cursor setting

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