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Convert Layer to Class

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Is there any easy way to convert layers to classes?? When we import a sketchup file, all the items come in on the same class but different layers. We basically want the opposite, so that they are on different classes but the same layer.

Is there a way to change how it is imported? Or a way to easily chnage the layer definitions to classes???

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The old fashioned way:

1. Create a new class corresponding to each layer. Use names similar to the layer names.

2. Make a layer active, no other layers visible.

3. Select all objects in the layer.

4. Use Class field in OIP to change class of the selected objects to one of your new classes.

Repeat for each layer.

Will you now need to redistribute the objects to new or different layers? Could be a mess!

If you have lots of layers, it's a long haul. Maybe someone could write a script for this?


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We tried to convert the sketch up file to DWG and then bring it into VW, but the 3d solids from Sketch Up came in with all the faces triangulated and some other lines (construction???) that didn't seem to belong to anything.

I think that right now we are resolved to just manually transfer the layers to the classes.

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