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Newbie question 2


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I see there are files from Marvin windows that I am thinking could be used as object in the plan. I just don't see a easy way to select the file that defines the specific window that I want to use in a specific location. I just figure there is much easier way to use mfg. details than doing them manually.

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Once you have a window set up, save it as a symbol using the Modify > Create Symbol menu.

The symbol will display in the current document via the Resource Browser.

To add the window to the drawing, drag and drop it in place OR double click on the window and double click in the drawing to place it in the wall. Make sure you look for the "Object" cursor cue to ensure the window gets sucked into the wall.

The wall style resource in the Resource Browser works like data the wall tool can pull from and draw using the desired wall style. Since the wall tool requires multiple clicks, unlike the window and door tools, they are stored as different resources in the Resource Browser.

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