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Newbie question - Designer & VW Arch


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Have a floor plan which was created with lines in designer and want to convert it to arch with wall objects etc. Is there a clever tool in VW that can make this easy to do rather than completely redraw the floor plan using wall creations?

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You can perhaps do this with Polygons via the "objects [walls] from poly's" command. And you can "compose" your lines into poly's, but in reality it might not work, as I think VW's might be looking for slightly different sort of data to start with. You could certainly give it a try (I have not tried it). I always recommend doing a "Save As" prior to making any major change to a file. That way you can use trial and error and not worry about completely wacking the file out...

The wall tool is very fast though. I suggest you create a new design layer, make sure that the layer viewing option is set to "show, snap others" and then simply trace over the lines with the wall tool.

Good Luck ;-)

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In 12.5 : Also (in new design layer, with show/snap others)easy to trace over interior shapes of room, with either polygon or rectangle tool, then select all polys, AEC>Space Planning>Create Spaces from polys. (spaces are useful for future worksheets too)

Then select all spaces, AEC>Space Planning>Create walls from spaces,

(makes sure 'combine colinear walls' is checked)

not yet familiar with 2008, hope this feature still exists.

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the feature does still exists, although i have had some substantial difficulty with it in leopard. if i have more than five or six polys that i want to create spaces and walls from, the walls that are created are incorrect, zigzag all over the spaces, and i even have little 6" walls just floating out in the drawing board.

not very effective.

this in on a fresh new build of leopard and a fresh install of VW.

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