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R1 SP2 - Windows


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The SP2 R1 still does not works.

We have GDI function now but either the lines gets transparent, or it is missing or the hatches lines gets a fade away look to it. Sometimes the horizontal lines do not print and sometimes the vertical lines.

What is the change that we get SP1 printing capabilities into a R2 SP2 ?

SP1 worked well.

I tried two times now to reload VW with SP 1 only as it is better but every time it goes to SP 2 afterwards - got it in a dowloaded format but the moment I get it goiing it wnats to go to the internet for connection. Any workabout to get only SP1 loaded ?

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Test on A1 Paper.

Long lines gets faded away.

Short lines - total missing and gone.

Hatches - fades away the hatch lines as in this instance the brick hatch.

Looks like GDI gets unintentionally to all objects in one or other way.

Will it be fixed ?

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I tried to print with transparency. It would not print. I have talked to technical support on Dec 20th. and they said in order to print you have to have GDI turned off. They also said they would have this update available in a few days. Does anyone know when and where it will become available?

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