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Use of Styles


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I just upgraded to VW 2008, and am curious about how people are using style. In previous versions, I have edited the vs plugins to give the styles a more descriptive name (i.e. Paint-Int Case 1 instead of just Style-1). Needless to say this was a lot of work, and I'm not wild about doing it all over again, but it worked well for me. What do others do? Another option I've thought of is just having a standard list, and try to use Style-1 for exterior trim, style-2 is always siding, etc.

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Here is one step-by-step example:

1) Insert a Base Cabinet into your drawing

2) With it selected, scroll down to near the bottom of the OIP where you will find four pulldown lists. Each list contains all the (dreaded) style #'s

3) Assign "Style 1" to the Cabinet, Doors & Kick

4) Assign "Style 2" to the Counter [Click OK]

5) Open the Organization Palette, click on the "Classes" tab, and note that there are two new classes: "Style-1" and "Style-2"

6) Double Click on the class name for "Style 1" and in the ensuing dialog make sure that "Use at Creation" is checked and that "Use Textures at Creation" is checked. Now, assign a texture in the bottom pane, under the "Other" tab. Do this by first checking the "Texture" box, then click on the default texture below it then choose a texture.[NOTE: if the texture(s) you want has not yet been imported into the current document you need to cancel out of all dialogs and then import it, and then return to the dialogs--ARG!] [NOTE 2: If you do not have RenderWorks you can use this same procedure BUT use a COLOR instead of a Texture] For mine I chose "Wood Panel 4".

5) Now repeat the procedure for the class called "Style-2". For mine I chose "Paint Dark Aqua".

6) A shot resulting Base Cabinet is attached below.

Short list of why people don't like "Style #'s":

a) It's a PITA to assign them

b) There is no good way to remember which is which (but you can rename them once inserted into the drawing, which also takes time)

c) There is limited control over a texture's orientation when applied in this manner.

d) In many cases there might an easier way to achieve the exact same thing [EXAMPLE: use the same base cabinet and uncheck "draw counter"; assign the wood texture the entire cabinet object; use a separate "Counter" with the green texture applied to it.]

But, if you are doing renders it can be useful. I certainly don't recommend doing this for each and every object as it would take forever, but if say, you want all your cabinets to render the same, you can make up one following the above procedure, then duplicate it as desired...

Merry Christmas!

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