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Files corrupting

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We are having anumber of drawings corrpting and crashing vectorworks.. and it has suddenly got much worse.

we are using mac and the only thing that has changed is that some more drawing wark and one of the machines was upgraded to 12.5.3, we have now upgraded them all to 12.5.3 but can't tell if this has sorted anything.

is there a way to tell if there is a corrupt drawing elelment/ title sheet that could be causing this?

we run imacs with osx 10.4

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Make sure you are using 10.4.10 or 10.4.11, and you've run disk utility recently.

12.5.3 should minimize the file corruption problem over earlier versions of VW 12. VW 2008 has a safety built in to the save technology, preventing files from being corrupted.

If you have characters outside of numbers and letters in the file name and/or path (including folder names), you may want to remove the characters to see if the problem settles down.

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Is the anti-corruption protection built into the automatic backup?

While restoring files from backup I viewed messages indicating that this is a different format.

I have experienced corrupt files which were probably restored from a backup copy and renamed.

I've sent them to bug submit but nothing's been fixed...meanwhile my deadlines loom.

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