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Silly Little Thing...(Class Style under SP2)

Chris D


I hate to bother NNA when people are having basic problems with SP2 like not being able to print...but...I cross my fingers on every release and maintenance patch for this one....(and was disappointed again with SP2):

WHY, when I open VW for the first time, does the Attribute Palette not default all attributes to Class Style?

It really bugs me...here's why: Say a user draws on class None, then classes objects up once a few objects are drawn. If the user forgets to set the Attributes Palette to class styles before starting to draw, they then have loads off classed objects that aren't following class styles...and he manually needs to set each attribute of each object back to class style. This really hinders new users proper use of classes.

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If you set up a template with Use at Creation turned on for the None class then you have what you want. If you really want it on all the time, save a template file and name it default.sta. This will be used whenever you create a new document and when VW first starts up.

There are many of us who do not use class attributes. Possibly more that those who do. If it was turned on by default, it would inconvenience us.

There are also many of us who don't think the None class should ever have any attributes.

It would also be easy to write a script that would fix this problem. It could set the defaults to By Class. You could also write a script that would go through and set every object to By Class. If you are interested in the scripts or need help with them let me know.


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