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Not able to print after SP2 update


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I am told that our posting of the Windows updater omitted a few Adobe support files required for GDI+ printing. We will post info tomorrow on a simple way to resolve this for those who have already updated to SP2 on Windows.

For now, SP2 users on Windows should turn off GDI+ in the VectorWorks preferences in order to print successfully.

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GDI as said have to be turned off. No functionality in Windows. One of the features that all looked out for is currently and for a shortwhile knocked out of action.

For exporting to DWG in Vista - another workabout in VW 13.


This issue can be resolved by changing the applications compatibility mode.

This can be done by navigating as follows:

C: > Program Files > VectorWorks 2008

Right click the VectorWorks 2008 shortcut > Select Properties >

Move to the compatibility tab > Check the ?Run this program in comp. mode for:? Box >

>From the drop-down, chose Windows XP (Service Pack2) > Click Apply > Click OK

After changing the programs compatibility mode to Windows XP, we were able to export DXF/DWGs from Windows Vista Ultimatex64.

Looks like VW are in workabout status modes in VW 2008 for Windows - unfortunately.

If you have HP printers - go to the services drop down dialogue(after the color drop down menu) and select Troubleshooting - select all 3 x tickmarks in that menu.

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