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Artistic Renderworks does not like Batch Render


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When i include an Artistic Renderworks view in a batch render, the application hangs completely, for hours. i have not waited to see if it would ever finish.

i included a Final Quality Renderworks view in the batch, which rendered fine. VW hangs when it gets to the Artistic batch job.

Tried reducing the dpi of the Artistic batch job - still hangs.

Rest of the computer works fine - i'm typing this while VW is hanging.

Can't Force Quit VW - shows up normally in dock (i.e. does not say "application not responding").

Okay... that was weird. OS just switched to VW by itself - i did not trigger application switcher - my hands were off keys. VW still wasn't finished the batch job - shows "wristwatch" wait icon for mouse pointer.

Force Quit menu will not show up when pressing crl-opt-esc

Same result twice after clean restart of computer.

Computer: MacBook Pro 10.5.1 Leopard

VW: 2008 - Spotlight, Renderworks

Also tried exporting same model to 12.5 - opened on Windows XP Pro machine. On batch render, error message "out of memory" and then VW quits.

So it's weird... different, albeit equally disastrous results on two different computers, two different OS, two different versions of VW.

Model has been built from some past drawings... library evolved from VW9 on... but document was started fresh and all other symbols and textures have been passed through separate VW2008 documents and edited before insertion in to drawing.

Anyone else have this problem?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello ejpen:

If you edit the batch job and look at the image export optios for the job, are the pixel values very large or negative?

What happens if you re-create the batch job from scratch using ArtRW mode?

Also like Katie said, can you render the same layer using ArtRW outside of a batch render? Some ArtRW modes generate edges like hidden line rendering, which can take more memory than a regular rendering like Final Quality RW mode.


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