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VW 11.5 files become READ ONLY! but 12.5 viewer has no problem.


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We store our 11.5 files on an Apple xServe. Recently, some of the VW 11.5 files have become READ ONLY and will not open. We have repaired everything on the xserve including permissions, etc,. and confirmed that the particular files are indeed READ ONLY. The strange thing is that VW 12.5 viewer opens the files without any problem. Any ideas?


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That doesn't sound strange. The viewer shouldn't care about read-only status, since it's only able to read. The editor should offer to open a copy of the file under a new name. Does it do that?

I don't know what Apple xServe is, but the only cases where I've seen files become read-only on their own have been files on CD's. Under Windows 2000, those files remain read-only even when they're copied onto a hard drive, and the user has to un-click read-only in the properties window. It can be done to all selected at once. But you've probably already done that, since you say you confirmed that they're read-only. Is there still a problem, or are you just wondering how it happened?

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It's been almost 3 years since actively working with VW 11, so I don't have the issues at the front of my recall, but I do remember there being issues.

Upgrading to VW 12 is definitely more stable working with xServe, not to mention Tiger is not compatible with VW 11.

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"Tiger is not compatible with VW 11."

Why not? The principal problem that we see is the generation of fill artifacts in the drawing space [new drawings] and in the border of existing drawings. In addition, the fill obscures text blocks and lines when the "no fill" option was selected when creating the original drawing.

These should be easy coding fixes given Apple's implementation of Open GL and Quartz.

To render customers' work useless that was created using a product that is only 2 versions old is inexcusable. It certainly causes us to consider whether we will upgrade to 2008 or find another vendor.

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The development for VW 11 was complete about a year before Tiger was released. VW 12.5 is the first version of VW compatible with Tiger. All subsequent versions of VW are compatible with Tiger, and VW 12.5.3 and newer are compatible with Leopard.

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I am migrating from VW Version 10 to VW 2008. I also have recently upgraded my Mac operating system to Leopard.

Since the Leopard upgrade, all my old VW drawing files in Version 10 now appear with a unacceptable very dense, hatch-like background which practically obscures the drawing. This has occurred on ALL my Version 10 drawings.

I have signed up for the 3-day Fundamentals/Architect seminar in San Francisco in January to get up-to-date on VW 2008, but meanwhile I would like to still access my numerous version 10 files. Help please! How can I get rid of that background.

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Lady Jane,

By any chance do you have a lot of Locus Points in your drawings?

There is an option in the VectorWorks Preferences:Edit pane called "Snap to Loci." If this is selected, then you get horizontal and vertical extensino lines running from every locus point. If you had this off in VW10 and it is on by default in VW2008, it might explainf what you are seeing.


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