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Just a Basic Urgent Request



Please upgrade just these few issues for SP 3 at least

It is the bare minimum for VW 2008

1. I Beam tool with base plates and holes - Top & Bottom at least

2. Simple Assemble tool wher you select faces/points and hit the assemble button

3.Keeping the subtracted / Intersected object as option

4.Piping Tool

5.Bending / unbending

6. Sheetmetal tool


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TANSTAAFL. That is not a service pack, but an entirely new product line.

Not that I'd disagree!

Item 2 is, BTW, a fascinating one: in VectorScript we have a rudimentary facility for something like this. (For us architects, walls and more recently even wall styles have had similar possibilities.) This is the future of CAD: first intelligent objects, then intelligent associations between objects.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the plain old intelligent objects... None from NNA to be seen...

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Tx - it helps if you do not disagree. Anything better than we have now will help. There is areas where VW is lagging quite alot.

Even a fairly "young" CAD like SketchUp have in some areas brilliant and easy to use features.

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