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line weights, paper scale, general madness



Admitting that I may not entirely have grasped proper use of design/sheet layers and viewports which may be relevant (?)

Attached screen shot "exported" shows a drawing (viewport) I want to send to an engineer working in AC and he says he gets a garbled pile up of (8+) undifferentiated layers. So saving each sheet as an individual dwg., if I re-import that same dwg into a blank file, I see the viewport, but text is miniaturized. If I double click to edit design layer, I get a splodge of hugely bloated line weight much like the attached screenshot "imported2" which is infact what I got back from the engineer after his corrections. "Imported1" shows layers scattered and scale off the paper.

Each time I get a drawing back from another office, it's variations on the same theme. But one of the usual suspect are arrows heads detached from their lines/callouts blown up to relative monster proportions. Scarey stuff.

(I'm afraid to take on a new large project based in AC, daunted by these issues of going back and forth with other offices and disgruntled PC People. Doesn't help this fool's credibility)

I'm working in VW12 (till I get untamed Leopard permission issues resolved so I can update to 12.5)

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