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Plant tag alignment


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Is there any way to rotate the plant tag so that it aligns with a rotated viewport? I can make the grid and cross hairs to align in the grid box, but the plant tags do not seem to have any attributes to allow you to rotate.

The same goes for the text callout tool.

With a rotated viewport, these look bizarre, plus with a large plan, it is time consuming to have to add the plant tags manually, and there is more room for error in the numbers.

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What a terrific question! I don't think this is doable, but it certainly should be!

How to control it? Well, at least a Plug-in developer should be able to query the current view or viewport rotation and adjust the text angle. Or enable a "text rotation" feature and have a tick box for "adjusted text rotation".

Having every text object "adjusted" does not sound like a good idea: I have enough problems with the "adjust flipped text" global preference. By class?

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