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Two-way worksheets 2009



The two-way worksheets (wishlisted by yours truly et al. at least 10 years ago) are a major improvement and the implementation is pretty much flawless. As comes to SUMmed records, it even exceeds my expectations. Not to mention the Booleans!

Whoever programmed this feature has done a brilliant job!


Please, Sir, I want some more!

I'd like to be able to edit the default values of data records & options of symbol definitions with the worksheet.

Actually, I don't even need this feature. I have a set of scripts that (i) place an instance of every symbol definition into the document and (ii) put both the said data values and other options of the (edited) instances to the definitions. You know - like a global Eyedropper from Instances to Preferences.

Now, I'd be more than happy to sell these universal utilities to anyone and everyone, but since my Moral Authority to Request Features has been challenged by a certain Mr. Anderson, a Possibly Official Spokesperson for NNA, unless I give him the results of my R&D so that NNA can reap the profits of my effort, I thought I'd do it this way.

You see, I'm all in favour of Competition and Free Market Economy! And why not: I'm so far ahead of Mr. Anderson that he's not even competition!

The overall functionality is here today, available in all Dongled Territories through those national distributors of VW who deal with Ultirender, the Finnish distributor. Pricing? I would not know. I only know my wholesale price to Ultirender.

Sorry, no U.S.A. or Australia/NZ sales.

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