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Collision detection

Hans Jakob Muller


If it?s not there already, I haven?t got 2008 yet, I would like to have collision detection when moving with the flythrough/walkthrough tool, so that the viewpoint follows the terrain when decending to a set height, say 1,6 m when walking, say 1,2 m when driving. The function could be applied to selected objects, say always to the terrain model, to walls and floors if you don?t want to walk through them, but not to doors.

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I think the walkthrough tool / methodology could actually do with a major overhaul.

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to get high-powered 3d graphics cards capable of realtime rendering reasonably complex environments (with a bit of optimisation), even with features such as realtime stencil shadowing, global illumination and effects pass / transparency capabilities. The OpenGL rendering type in VW has always been very inferior to counterparts visible in the gaming industry and even now in new programs such as sketchup. Even AutoCAD's hidden-line rendering mode is much more responsive and easier to work with than VW's.

Interface-wise - the walkthrough tool and orbit tool will need more options/visual cues to control more accurately and intuitively direction, movement and camera settings. May I suggest that in controls used in the gaming industry (ASWD keys for example) be the standard for such an interface.

If VW is heading towards modelling as its main focus for the construction of projects from which information is derived from, a revised walkthrough mode, orbit mode and window/vp viewing system will be essential, as I imagine the way of orbiting and moving through the building will be the only way to model certain areas and components.

EDIT - ps: Sorry, in response to your original post, 'Collision Detection' as you have called it is not in VW2008 yet.

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3D collision detection, excellent, that would make BIM-life so much better, sometimes it is hard to keep on top of making sure what you design in 3D actually is not interfering with each other.

Basically, say cubes don't intersect, for example 3D object relations tick box etc.

I read your post, but I thought my post falls into a similiar catagory like your post.


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