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Move by Points


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I believe there still are better tools available at VectorDepot. Have been for many years...

uh...steer clear of those old move/copy tools at Vector Depot....they're buggy. They freak around with the undo stack somehow - very dangerous.

Bugsubmit it, if you think it's a bug

Wishlist it, if it's just your preference

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After trying out VW 2008's Move By Points, I found that VectorBits' VectorMove has better features: the outline of the object as you move it, the polyline multiple copy (instead of the straight line multiples), and the stored previous distance value for the next move.

Another essential VectorBit is the Stretch tool, which stretches a marquee of objects in one direction. And ChainMaker is great for joining lines into polys, because it can join gapped line ends. And the 12.5 versions all work with VW 2008.

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