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Bay Windows in VW 2008


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It all depends on the type of bay window you are trying to duplicate.

Is it a "ready to install" window unit supplied by a manufacturer?

Is it a type window combination wall where the floor joists are cantilevered to form a bay type window?

Otherwise in any case you can build the window unit as a hybrid symbol according to whatever specs you wish to copy and install to your walls.

Pete A.

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free for NZ and Oz users.

TANSTAAFL. Julian's excellent plug-in is included in the price of VW Architect in Oz & NZ, but I don't think it is really free. I don't know OzCAD's pricing, though.

Nevertheless, Aussies and Kiwis are obviously clever enough to pay for local content & features - good on them! Unfortunately, we in the EU are in a disadvantage: while national distributors are bound to sell only in their designated territories, their resellers may (in principle I believe must) sell throughout our fair free trade area, so any goatherd in e.g. the UK can sell the cheap U.S. version of VW, without any localisation, in the entire EU.

But I digress... WinDoor is available everywhere for a pittance (150 ?). Highly recommended for everyone who does not need to comply with national standards or IFC, needing complex doors and windows and having less patience than the NNA door & window tools require.

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To my knowledge, there have never been bay windows included with VectorWorks. The only removed symbols from the libraries are either long out of date libraries (typically replaced with new/better ones) or ones that have been updated and possibly renamed or merged with another library file.

It's possible you had a bay window symbol that either you created by piecing a few windows together, or it was picked up through a third party.

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