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Elevation Lineweights - different to in plans


For the most part elevations in VW are good and useable - but there needs to be flexibility to determine which objects have which lineweight in elevation, different to their lineweight in plan. (Rarely are they the same)

If lineweights by default are thick for objects close to you, and thin for objects far away, this would be an advantage. This 'default' lineweight setting can be overridden by perhaps a field in the Render Obj Info or something similar. If individual objects could also support this property, perhaps for instance window openings can be given a thick lineweight, and frames and sashes a thin one (thinnest possible).

Also - having hatches shown on elevations would also be a boon. The hatch will be different in elevation than it would be in plan though, so this would have to be treated the same as the lineweights.

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You can change line weights in viewports, either by class or by a general factor.

Your idea about thinner lines further away sounds good. How about also having a small gap between the "front part" and "back part" - on the drawing board I always used both these techniques.

Yes, bring the hatches to elevations in the way Patrick suggests! It's been wishlisted and discussed tens of times and this proposal has the best implementation method I have seen.

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Yes I aggre with this.

It has been asked for heaps.

When I heard NNA annouce for 2008 that they have deliverd on our wishes I believe its only .5 true.

Heads up display is awesome.

I believe when going thru this wish list & seeing some of the document presentation wishes & problems we keep mentioning NNA needs to employ someone with a strong plan document presentation viewpoint.

Stop bloating the programme with clever modelling thingys that you hardly ever use.

(Human figure)

Stick to fast screen refresh, real time zoom and PIOs anyone would be proud to display.

Most Pio objects I get frustrated with and either make my own or ungroup and rebuilt line by line .

If we are to have 3d hatches on elevations & perspectives line weight control is neccesary.

I can tell an Archicad drawing from a mile because of its sterile elevation presentation (lineweights are almost all the same ) .

I do not know how this can be developed in perspective but for elevations this would be useful indeed.

Regards Brendan

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Hi Jim,

This is a really old thread, but worth another try.

Another idea on this taken from some feature of Auto hybrid objects defining what can be seen beyond and behind the cutting plane.

Just as sections can define what depth of view they show, why not define what thickness objects show up as in the viewports?

-Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary outlines for groups of objects that are close (e.g.<1m), medium (e.g. <2-5m), and far away (e.g. >5m)—the distances could be overridden.

-The linework and 3D hatches within those Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary object groups could be set to a fine line detail setting.

-I would add in the ability to set the outline of an opening (e.g. window outline).

-Also I would add the ground cutting outline as this is usually shown thicker than the cutting plane of objects.

All of these could be assigned to classes.


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