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Wall Siding in Hidden Line Rendering

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I want to show simple horizontal siding lines on my "hidden line" elevations and perspectives (without having to add lines as annotations and without having an Open GL or other rendered Viewport behind my Hidden Line). There must be a way...

I read a post with Petri and Gideon describing the method for adding a hatch to floor and roof faces to get 3d hatches for hidden line renderings, but how can we do this for walls?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Black and White textures can be made as shaders. For siding, use a Horizontal Line color with black lines. Apply this texture to the walls. Just to increase "whiteness", put some light sources on the design layer. Create your elevations with double-layer rendered viewports, OpenGL background and HL foreground rendering. You'll want the Sheet Layer to have 300 dpi resolution or above. I've attached a (very basic) file that illustrates the technique.

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You may not have noticed that I am on 12.5.2, so your .vwx file doesn't work for me.

But it sounds like to answer to my question is "no." You described a method for using double layered viewports and adding light sources, but what I wanted is just plain horizontal siding lines on my walls using hidden line rendering.

Here are two example images, first showing hidden line rendering, which I would like to also show horizontal siding lines, just as the roof hatch shows the shingles. The next is an OpenGL of the same model. Is there a way to get my siding lines on my walls using just hidden line rendering, or is Robert's suggested method the only way?




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I have these simple "line" textures for "sidings" (whatever they are - probably timber lining in proper English), brickwork and various other items. They assume the object colour and are therefore - especially now in VW 2008 - very practical. (However, they do not, AFAIK, translate to AutoCADese.)

This possibility alone is, IMABHO, well worth the price of RenderWorks. So, for once, I support the idea of a better elevation hatching system (= lines!) even if it would require RW. Even a RW Pro with Bells & Whistles, requiring Designer.

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Petri, by "assumes the object colour," do you mean that the lines in the texture change automatically to the color defined in the wall object "line" color attribute palette, or that the background color is defined by the wall "fill" attribute?

Can you share an image example of something you rendered in this way?


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  • 6 years later...

This thread is from 2007. I'm creating elevations from a model in VW 2014 and wondering if the obstacle described above has been passed?

I'm tired of redoing 2d annotations every time a little change is made. As Peter says, "Sort of ruins the whole 'everything from the model' and 'draw it once' paradigms..."

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