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Rob Jensen

Learning the Program

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I am the TD for a small MN college and am having difficulty getting started using VW Spotlight.

I have a extensive background in AutoCAD and the college that I work for has Spotlight v12. I was not part of picking the program, it was here when I got the job. I am just now starting the processes of learning this program, so that I can offer advice about both AutoCAD and VW to students.

Can anyone give me advice on the best way to go about learning to use the program. I have tried twice now to plod my way through the manuals but I keep getting lost. It is kind of embarrassing give that I am not a CAD novice. Are there good starter books I should be looking for? I am not willing to just give up and say AutoCAD is better, I don't think that. I am just frustrated that it is not as intuitive to learn as AutoCAD was. I don't think it is because I am not thinking outside the box, but it is possible that I am set in my ways and just not seeing the forest for the trees. When I started to learn AutoCAD I found a great book that took me through the basics and worked my way up. 2D is currently the most important but eventually I want to work in 3D as well. Any advice would be most welcome.

Robert Johnson

Technical Director

Concordia College

(218) 299-3821


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There are workbooks and training CDs.

You may want to contact Sales to explore the various training options available.

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I've also recently made the switch from AutoCAD to VW. I can relate to how you feel.

The first little while it seemed like a completely counter-intuitive work flow but I soon realized it was only because I kept expecting it to work like ACAD. Once I was able to make the mental shift I realized that VW is actually a much more intuitive program than ACAD, I was just used to working with it.

As it's been said, there are some great training DVDs/Books out there. I personally used the "archoncad" series and found it very helpful. Worth every cent.

Good luck!

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