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Option key is inconsistant + lots of crashes

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Since I have used VW 8.5.1 on a g4 450 Mac I have noticed thatb the option key ( to allow say, option+command+v= paste-in-place) doesn't work most of the time. As this is a very useful command , this is very annoying.

It may have something to do with my mouse which is a three button contour uni mouse but I don't know what.

That and VW crashes 3 or 4 times a day since I have installed Mac OS 9.0.4

Any Clues.

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Using a G4 w/ OS 9.0.4 - I've been crashing as much as a dozen times a day. There appears to be no particular action on my part that brings this about. Reverting to previous versions of ATI extensions helped for a while but them problem began again. At the moment, I'm suspecting it may have something to do with how the keyboard macros are written in the workspaces and if there is possibly some conflict between them and either the OS itself or perhaps the USB Keyboard extension in particular. (Cause for this suspicion is twofold: 1. I noticed that the caps lock light seems to flicker on and off on it's own while I'm working within VW (I've not noticed this with ay other application) 2. TechToolPro reported a keyboard error that it suggested may be caused by a keyboard macro program such as QuickKeys - but I don't have this or any other similar program installed and the only application that I've created custom keyboard equivalents in is VW...


Leslie Sigal Javorek



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I almost exclusively use keyboard short cuts while I work, With OS 9.0.4 and VW 8.5.2 I haven't noticed any crashing related to using keyboard short cuts. I had alot of crashing when I first installed VW on the G4. The things I did that definately improved my performance were

Turned off the Virtual Memory

Installed the latest version of adobe type manager. There is a special edition on the Adobe site specifically for OS 9

Installed the OS 9.0.4 update.

Since I did these things, my machine crashes about as much as my old G-3 did. Which seems to be a few times a week.

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