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Layer and Classes question


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I have Design Layers in my document that I originally imported from ACAD and now I no longer need them in the document. Let's say I delete them. Then I want to purge the unwanted classes that came in with just those layers. Will VW purge those empty classes if I execute that command? If so, is there a way to get rid of them and still keep the empty classes I have set up for my document?

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vw purges the selections you want

if the layers or classes contain information they will not be deleted

to get rid or move the info

turn Active Only on and select all to move the info


delete a class that has info comes up with a dialog that lets you move the info to another layer

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You can just delete the whole layer, if you want to. To do this use the ORGANIZATION dialog. Just select the layer and hit the delete button.

IF you use the PURGE command, it will only delete layers (and other containers) IF there is no data in them.

SO you could also first do a select all, delete all the data, then purge the file... But it seems like a looong way to go...

One little piece of advise: Often I find that I actually DO need the data that I thought was erroneous. I usually just put it in its own layer (or class) and then I still have access to it later. Another method is to do a Save As, then delete the data. Then, should you find you need the data, you can go back to the previously saved document.

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