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Image Props Dissapear

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I am working on a project that contains around 200 plant objects divided into around 20 plant types.

I am using image props as the 3D component. Not all image props are being displayed when viewing the perspective. There is no outline, just invisible.

In addition some of the image props when viewed in wireframe are showing a RED outline...what does this mean?



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The red outline is probably due to the pen color of the image prop being set to red.

You may need to use Customer RenderWorks and set the CRW options to use more faces - maybe 20 or 30.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello jdldesign:

Is it certain image prop symbols that are not rendering, or is it more random which ones show and which do not? Do they have a solid fill? If they show as a red outline in a RenderWorks mode then they are set to have no fill - maybe the ones that aren't rendering are set to no fill?


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Hi Dave,

I have had a look at transparency, classes, etc and spent some time this morning playing with the rendering types and settings.

The outcome is that the problem was only fixed by duplicating an existing plant that displays OK and then making changes to the 2D and 3D images. Then again I need to spend more time on this project to be convinced I have found a workaround.

FYI, it doest matter if the plants are groups or individuals.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello again James:

I have seen this with another file once, but the reason the plant image props weren't rendering was because the texture resources for the props were not in the file. If you convert one of the bad ones to a group then look at the 3D polygon to see what texture is assigned, does that look OK?

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Hi Dave,

OK, i picked a dodgy plant and inserted it into a new file...same problem.

Looking at the render all looks OK.

Now, I have been looking at the 2D symbols and when I use the same IP with a different 2D symbol all is OK.

Next I started looking at the 2D symbol library I am using and there are all sorts of inconsistancies.

- different colour nodes

- some nodes are set to class colour, some are not

- some 3D components already have IP's attached to them

- some symbols dont have a 3D component to edit (BIG WORRY HERE)

FYI, this is the Plants Objects library file that comes with VW2008 and I have NOT opened it until today.

FYI, the symbol called Fern 01 is the one that I have been playing with.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We are aware of a bug where image props disappear when the original plant object was created and the attribute fill was set to none. This bug will be fixed in the next service pack. In the mean time your strategy of duplicating plants with working image props will work and this is what I would recommend.

Just to clarify the plant objects at the top level of the library file were not configured with image props. The plants with image props are located in the 'Preconfigured Plant Samples' symbol folder.


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