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any good architectural lettering font?

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How does Mr Hand work at smaller point sizes when printed or in PDF? For planting plans, I am normally at 5-8 point, and very occasionally at 4 point. I currently use Bradley Hand ITC, which is fine at 5-8 point and very marginal at 4 point.

Any difference between will-harris.com and architectsfonts.com for supply - the latter implies that they are his creation but will-harris shows them © him? I see that architectsfonts.com do individual fonts, but will-harris.com is cheaper for the 6 font pack but do not see individual fonts. Im only interested in Mr Hand and possibly Heavy Hand if Mr Hand does not do bold well.

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how do I add fonts in XP platform?



I purchased MrHand last night and had a bit of fun getting it to install on Vista. It should have been simply a matter of downloading it, then dragging it to the fonts folder available in the control panel.

But I could not get the font to stick even though it prompted me for admin password. I had to actually login as administrator for the ttf file to stick in the fonts folder.

I also needed to reboot the machine to make it visible to any application - not just VW.

In the end it looks to have been worth it. It scales well down well, remaining legible at 4pt on my laster printer and probably more so on my designjet.

But it appears not to be a true proportionally spaced font, at least for numbers, which is useful for some things but frustrating when trying to fit text into a small box. I would like to see a true fully proportional font and a separate monospaced version as an alternative.

Not had a chance to see how much it fills pdf files - mine are generally quite large anyhow as they often contain hand rendered images.

But for $15, worth it if only for plan annotation.

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