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Convert to Annotation?

Keith Hadland


Just wondering what the collective opinion is on this idea - I'm working on a drawing where, during the design phase, a number of notes/callouts have been placed on design layers. I'm now converting this for issue and, for consistency, would like to place these notes onto the relevant viewport annotations, hence the 'wouldn't it be handy to have a convert to annotation command' thought.

As a workflow I'd imagine the 'convert to annotation' command would be a context menu when right clicking a valid annotation object, this would then bring up a dialogue to select the appropriate viewport and possibly a new class for the annotation and a 'keep original on design layer' check box.

Any thoughts?

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This isn't too difficult if the design layer is in the same scale as the VP. All you really have to do is cut and paste, and usually move all the pasted objects a certain distance to re-align them with the VP. With dissimilar scales text scaling can be bothersome, but it's still doable.

There's also nothing wrong with have annotations on a (discreet) design layer, or a discreet class.

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The copy & paste route is a bit of a faff though - and for my application the annotations on a VP is a better route than specific layers/classes - especially with VPs at different scales to the design layers - hence the thought. Well, that and just having been through the tedious exercise of sorting annotations out for a project...

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